skeletal structure

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An assemblage of structural elements or members fitted together to form a structure, as a multistory building, a rigid-frame shed, or a truss.
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Dr Caroline Wilkinson, a senior lecturer in forensic anthropology at Dundee University, spent two weeks putting together the plaster facsimile after studying the skeletal structure and soft tissue detail.
Linda said, 'My evidence showed that it was the breathing movement itself that created muscular and skeletal structure.
In one of the Norton's galleries, two photographs representing the Hamburg and Maastricht university libraries, respectively, were hung on neighboring walls: Hamburg's hulking card catalogue, looking like a set of abandoned boxcars in the library's classically appointed skylighted atrium, seemed to mock the postmodern pretensions of its recently completed Dutch counterpart, as if to suggest that the latter's elaborate skeletal structure and miles of shelves would soon appear just as outmoded, victim of an age of electronically stored and accessed information in which students barely know how to locate a book.
This FEM model is of the entire human body--that's "entire" as in the skeletal structure, internal organs, and muscles.
In literal terms, transparency found its most radical expression in the invention of a sheer glass skin, which came to supersede conventional glazed openings in a skeletal structure.
The complexity of the skeletal structure in the hand and the variability between different subjects makes very difficult to realize an automatic segmentation of the bones.
In a hands-on display, 10-year-old Sam rummaged through a cardboard box filled with wings, talons and a pelican's skeletal structure.
You can't improvise without a skeletal structure, you can't just go in and start talking.
These data sets were then processed by the MEC to produce the organs and skeletal structure.
Close analysis of the shark's seven senses and its skeletal structure reveal why it is such an efficient killer.
You'll also still have the skeletal structure definitive of your sex, by which--God forbid it should ever come to this for any of us--a coroner could identify you as a member of that sex even when your flesh, hair, and clothing have long since turned to dust.
But while the leather of the older cars covers a skeletal structure of wood, the substrates used in the new cars are moulded plastic.