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A design feature that is carried forth from the original version of a product in order to make people feel comfortable with the new device. For example, the click sound on a digital camera comes from an audio clip; however, the original sound was the actual shutter opening and closing. Spokes on hubcaps are skeuomorphs, whereas spokes on early automobile wheels were necessary. Pronounced "skew-uh-morf."

From the Greek Words Skeuos and Morph
"Skeuos" and "morph" mean "tool" and "shape," and the term originally referred to adornments that came from earlier Greek structures. For example, a decorative carving on a new building might replicate a form on an ancient temple that was structural.

A Smartphone Skeuomorph
This iPhone wooden bookshelf motif was designed to use a familiar object to make people feel comfortable. Along with other skeuomorphs, it was eliminated in 2013 with iOS 7.

A Windows 8 Skeuomorph
This Windows 8 Paint menu uses a 3.5" floppy disk icon for its Save functions. In computer years, the floppy is now ancient, having had a lifespan from the 1970s to the end of the 1990s.
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It's not about being pretty or skeuomorphic, it's the connection we have with it," said Jenny Arden, user experience design manager at Airbnb.
The app uses a "Helvetica Neue" font and there is no skeuomorphic graphics to make the app look cluttered and overdone, (http://appleinsider.
The tech giant launched the iOS7 in September and some of the apps not built-into the OS retained their skeuomorphic designs.
Those ornamental skeuomorphic design elements, also found in iOS, will be either refined or dumped all for a less fake and less tacky look.
Why conceal the many skeuomorphic tensions in this destabilized rubbish?
His work, in response to the V & A collection is an exploration of skeuomorphic vessels and Janus heads.
Her discussion of the probable, largely missing, metallic prototypes of Kastri/Lefkandi I and Minyan pottery and a revised skeuomorphic scheme of Early Bronze Age ceramic development leads her to reassess the importance and desirability of these consumption vessels, metal or ceramic; not so much in terms of the materials used, as in terms of rules and rituals of the dining experience as a vital part of the shared cultural value system which involved the forging of privileged relationships.
One of the emerging areas of research for contact archaeology is the presence of skeuomorphic glass artefacts in the archaeological record, that is, glass artefacts that may replicate the form of stone artefacts but which do not appear to replicate their function and, indeed, may not have ever been 'used'.
Developers wanted to remove all nonessential elements from the skeuomorphic era so designs would be truly flat.
Skeuomorphic design and real-world metaphors - such as yellow paper in Notes and leather in Calendar - have been replaced with a simpler, flatter design with a stronger emphasis on shades of colour than textures.
Jonathan Ive who became in charge of the look and feel of the Apple hardware and software last year, is reportedly not fond of skeuomorphic heavy designs, which currently dominate the iOS.