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ski jump

a high ramp overhanging a slope from which skiers compete to make the longest jump

Ski Jump


an artificial hill used for jumping by skiers. A ski jump consists of a scaffold, an approach, where the skier picks up speed (height, 20–80 m; length, 60–110 m; width, 3–4 m; angle of inclination, 27°–38°), a takeoff (width, 4–6 m; height, 1–4 m), a landing slope (width, 15–20 m), and an outrun. The total distance from the top of the scaffold to the outrun is usually 1½ times more than the distance of the average jump. Ski jumps are rated according to distance as 20-m and less, 20–50-m, 50–70-m, 70–90-m, and 120-m and more. Elevators or cableways are used to carry the athletes to the top of the scaffold. When there is no snow, synthetic cover is used on jumps of 50–70 m.

The largest ski jumps in the USSR are in Krasnoiarsk (more than 120 m); Nizhnii Tagil, Iuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Bakuriani (90 m); and Kirovsk, Sverdlovsk, and Bakuriani (70 m). The largest ski jumps outside the USSR are found in Planica (Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia), Obertsdorf (Federal Republic of Germany), and Kulm (Austria), all of which measure 120 m. Other major ski jumps are found in Zakopane (Poland), which measures 90 m, and Holmenkollen (Norway), which measures 70 m. Olympic ski jumps, measuring 70 m and 90 m, are located in Squaw Valley (USA), Innsbruck (Austria), Cortina d’Ampezzo (Italy), Grenoble (France), and Sapporo (Japan).

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The IOC s executive board (EB) was expected to ratify the addition of women s ski jumping, which has been campaigning for years, at a meeting in Acapulco on Monday but said it wanted more time although it was "looking favourably at the inclusion".
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The Supreme Court declined to hear an appeal of lower court rulings that Canada did not have the legal power to force the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to hold both men's and women's ski jumping events in the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver.
5) Ski jumping, in particular, offers an illuminating discourse in gender stereotypes and expectations since on the one hand, women have been prevented from taking part in ski jumping competitions until relatively recently while at the same time they have long demonstrated that they can participate at equal or better levels with men.
Americans were shut out in several medal-rich disciplines, including biathlon, cross-country skiing, Nordic combined, ski jumping, luge and skeleton, and won only two of a potential 30 Alpine skiing medals.
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Stay nearby the slopes in the city of Lake Placid and ride the Olympic Bobsled and Luge Run ($15), take a tour of the Olympic ski jumping complex, which includes a ride in a glass elevator 26 stories high to the site of the ski-jumping tower ($5), or go skating in the Olympic ice arenas ($2).
It supports Lakehead University's school of athletics through the endowment of two scholarships and also provides medical coverage for many sporting events in the Thunder Bay area, including Skate Canada, the Canadian National Ski Championships and World Cup ski jumping.
These facilities include the Ski Jumping Stadium where the Opening and Closing Ceremonies will take place, and adjacent Cross Country and Biathlon stadia and courses, all connected by a curving promenade that will make attending the Olympics an exciting people experience with simple transportation logistics.