skid row

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skid row, skid road

In the United States, an area in a community characterized by cheap barrooms, saloons, and run-down hotels; usually a gathering place for derelicts, vagrants, and down-and-out alcoholics.

skid row

a run-down area frequented by alcoholics. [Am. Culture: Misc.]

Skid Row

district of down-and-outs and bums. [Am. Usage: Brewer Dictionary, 1008]
See: Failure
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Other provisions in the Skid Row injunction, which would ban defendants from the area entirely, are that the dealers cannot have weapons or ammunition or use others to sell drugs.
The action began in 1980-81 when, after a day of Skid Row peregrination, she was seated on the fire escape at the Skid Row Catholic Worker house talking to Jeff Dietrich of the Catholic Worker.
The money he gives out is from donations to his Skid Row Charities and has been supported over the years by Dolores Hope, Barbara Sinatra and Eli Broad, Chase said.
People with addiction are going to need treatment as well as housing, but that should not take place on Skid Row," said Estela Lopez, executive director of the Central City East Association, representing 1,100 downtown businesses.
10 to 19, a group of volunteers from various county departments went to Skid Row from 4 to 6 a.
Skid Row, who signed to CBS Records, were once tipped for major stardom, releasing two critically acclaimed albums, Skid Row in 1970 and 34 Hours in 1971 and touring America and Europe.
6, 2015 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Tony Toutouni teamed up with Mathew Hyan Of Jam'n Products in order to donate over ten pallets of toys to the needy children of Los Angeles' skid row.
These Skid Row mentors are looked up to by other homeless men and women, who learn the ropes of street survival from them.
One of the programs that garnered him recognition, "Just Like You," brings in African-American and Latino mentors to talk to young people living on Skid Row.
LOS ANGELES -- Skid Row Housing Trust Executive Director Mike Alvidrez welcomes Citi Chief Executive Officer Vikram Pandit to the Trust's Abbey Apartments for a discussion about permanent supportive housing as an engine for economic recovery and growth in Los Angeles.
TODAY Friday, Dec 20 all day and night - Santa and his elves packing thousands of toys for thousands of poor children at the Fred Jordan Mission on Skid Row.
Ending a contentious lawsuit that brought the city's efforts to deal with the homeless at Skid Row into question, the Los Angeles City Council and the American Civil Liberties Union reached a tentative settlement Tuesday that will allow the homeless to remain on city streets overnight.