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knobbing, knobbling, skiffling

In stone-cutting, a preliminary process, usually the knocking off of pieces projecting beyond the required dimensions.
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Skiffle, the programme will explain, was "make do and mend" music in a time of bleak post-war austerity.
Lennon started a skiffle group that was very briefly called the Blackjacks, but changed the name before any public performances.
Anna's musicianship has led her to be featured in line-ups as diverse as skiffle, blues, jazz, folk rock, ceilidh and Cajun over the years.
I think you and Maria would go down a storm fronting Primark but, if you would like to make a duo into a quartet, I could bring my tambourine and skiffle stick (complete with bottle tops) and my friend Peggy is fabulous playing the spoons.
TWO precocious pups trading skiffle rhythms, whistled refrains and handclaps, the Sheffield duo's debut is a delightful blend of bittersweet folk-pop and contemporary country.
Perone (American music and music theory, Mount Union College) describes the development of British pop and rock and roll music, from skiffle and the teen idols of the 1950s to the mods and rockers and the British Invasion.
And Michael King performs as Billy Fury, the Liverpudlian ladwhowent from skiffle to rock 'n' roll.
Other names added are The Who bassist John Entwistle and skiffle legend Lonnie Donegan.
KING of skiffle music Lonnie Donegan left an estate of just pounds 82,136 - despite a hit-making career that lasted 50 years.
Perhaps it is nothing more than a historical accident that Johnson's music came to light in 1961 just as young British kids tired of skiffle looked to America for the latest new, old thing.
Our washboard player comes from England, where his family, has had a history of skiffle.
But before the Beatles and Stones came along, Britpop meant cinema, jazz, fashion and skiffle music.