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see herringherring,
common name for members of the large, widely distributed family Clupeidae, comprising many species of marine and freshwater food fishes, including the sardine (Sardinia), the menhaden (Brevoortia and Ethmidium), and the shad (Alosa).
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; tunatuna
or tunny,
game and food fishes, the largest members of the family Scombridae (mackerel family) and closely related to the albacore and bonito. They have streamlined bodies with two fins, and five or more finlets on the back.
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(vertebrate zoology)


An encryption algorithm created by the NSA (National Security Agency) which encrypts 64-bit blocks of data with an 80-bit key. It is used in the Clipper chip, a VLSI device with an ARM processor core, which is intended to perform cryptographic operations while allowing the security agencies listen in.

There are (apparently) two agencies, both of whom have to agree that there is a valid reason to decode a message. Don't laugh, they are serious.

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What's going on outside the inlets from Boca Raton through Fort Pierce is two-fold and very exciting: One, we're seeing the blackfin tuna and skipjack numbers surge in response to the increased forage on the high seas.
Make sure you have your federal HMS vessel permit, if you wish to keep skipjack tuna tram.
He won the AHL's rookie of the year award after piling up 107 points in 80 during the '82-83 campaign with the Skipjacks.
Unfortunately, as skipjacks grow in legend, they dwindle in number.
It takes a "magical" tree to make a skipjack seaworthy.
But no basketball or hockey, unless you count the Beltway Bullets and the Baltimore Skipjacks.
Top species inhabiting Gulf Stream waters in May include dolphin of all sizes, yel-lowfin tuna, blue marlin, wahoo and lots of skipjacks.
East Coast Grill, Skipjacks, Legal Sea Foods, Turner Fisheries, McCormick & Schmick's and Jasper White's Summer Shack have all assembled their own skilled teams that are already in training for this fierce competition.
Skipjacks: If I had a dime for every time I've heard someone ask, "Are skipjacks good to eat?
AUSTIN, Texas, April 19 /PRNewswire/ -- Skipjack Supply Chain today announces the release of Cipher for Oracle E-Business Suite as a virtual appliance.
AUSTIN, Texas, April 19 /PRNewswire/ -- Skipjack Supply Chain's Cipher label management solution achieved Oracle Validated Integration of Cipher 2.