skirting board

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baseboard, mopboard, scrubboard, skirting board, washboard

A flat projection from an interior wall or partition at the floor, covering the joint between the floor and wall and protecting the wall from kicking, mopping, etc. It may be plain or molded; a base, 4.
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While the simplest method of securing skirting boards may be hammering in nails, a much neater result can be achieved using screws and wallplugs.
If you are attaching the skirting board to a brick or plasterboard surface you will need to drill 4mm holes half way up the board, in a line no more than 1mm apart where you want the screws to be.
This means that the skirting boards should be the last thing you tackle, apart from the floor.
Morgan disposed of the items he had used and painted over the holes in the skirting board.
She tried to flee, but he handcuffed her hands above her head to a bar he had attached to the wall, bound her ankles with bandage and rope and secured them to handles he had fitted to the skirting board.
30 mA industrial parquet oak (smoked), 160 x 8 x 22 mm with solid wood skirting board.
A The chances are the skirtings have been glued to the plasterboard, Knock a pry bar behind the skirting board then place a thin strip of wood behind the bar to protect the wall.
If you cut the vinyl slightly too short, either pull some over from the other side of the room, if you're able to, or hide your mistake with a piece of beading, which you can fix to the skirting board, as you would with laminate flooring.
Replace an existing skirting board with a simple shallow design or remove altogether.
Well, don't waste your time confronting him over it, just don't go and stay with him again and if he wants to know the reason why, say it's in case you're asked to wash his car or paint his skirting board, you know, as a thank you
Cutting the paper Measure the wall at your starting point, fromceiling to the top of the skirting board.