skunk cabbage

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skunk cabbage:

see arumarum,
common name for the Araceae, a plant family mainly composed of species of herbaceous terrestrial and epiphytic plants found in moist to wet habitats of the tropics and subtropics; some are native to temperate zones.
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Skunk cabbages can bloom inside a snowbank and create their own ice caves.
The Phases of The Skunk Cabbage Moon & the Running Maple Sap Moon
Pellmyr's group found that the number of beetles alighting on a skunk cabbage flower more than doubled when the researchers permitted insects to see the flower as well as smell it.
Titan Aroid: Relatives of the skunk cabbage, these primitive plants, which have flowers with no petals, emit a smell of rotting meat to attract flies as pollinators.
When the Groundhog Day thaw arrives, then go to the wetlands to find skunk cabbage in bloom.
Feature: Andrea Gurwitt, Herald News, "Caught In The Middle; Mother Makes Too Much For Assistance, But Not Enough To Live On" In Depth: Lucette Lagnado, Wall Street Journal, "Americas Health Care System: A Young Woman, An Appendectomy, And A $19,000 Debt" Column: Irene Virag, Newsday, "Natural World: Hot, Smelly Skunk Cabbage Herald The New Season" Beat: Karla Schuster, Newsday, "Roosevelt Schools: Students, Preparing For Exams Just Part of Ordeal" Sports: Janet Paskin, The Journal News, "Teen Kicks Myth With Tae Kwon Do" Lifestyle: Erica Marcus, Newsday, "Food Without The Fuss: TV Dinners" Humor: Kathleen O'Brien, The Star Ledger, "How To Let Go?
alba) looks great planted next to lilac-flowered hostas and white skunk cabbage.
My year starts in February with the appearance from bare earth of the great yellow waxy spathes of the American skunk cabbage, Lysichiton americanus.
Pawpaws attract flies and beetles with an odor that Kevan describes as "mawkish," and skunk cabbage flowers emit five odors, including fungal and fecal mimics, in rotation.
We didn't notice that immediately, since we were drawn to a small bunch of skunk cabbage popping into bloom on the creek's edge.
Astronomical data for November The phases of the Skunk Cabbage Moon and the Orchid Moon
New measurements show that the skunk cabbage bloom has a thermostat that turns flower-power heat on and off depending on air temperature.