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advertising medium in which aircraft spell out trade names and sales slogans in the sky by means of the controlled emission of thick smoke. The technique was first developed (1922) by J. C. Savage, a pioneer English aviator. Letters a mile high and a mile wide can be formed by the movements of specially built planes equipped with the smoke-emitting apparatus. Engine heat is used to turn specially treated paraffin oil into white smoke, which is discharged under pressure. The "writing" is done at heights of 10,000 to 17,000 ft (3,048–5,182 m) and is feasible only in cloudless skies in which there is no more than a moderate wind. Contracts are commonly made for skywriting over a designated place, e.g., a racetrack, fair, bathing beach, or carnival, and for a specified day and time. Skytyping, the name given to a more modern form of skywriting, involves the use of five to seven planes. They fly rigidly parallel and equidistant courses as nearly in perfect unison as possible. The message to be written is arranged on a master control panel, and as the planes fly abreast electronic signals cause the smoke-emission mechanism in each plane to release puffs of smoke accordingly.
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Giving physicians the ability to focus on patient care without having to worry about required medical record documentation is a real breakthrough in the healthcare industry, said Tracy Rue, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Skywriter MD.
Often used in computer systems-management applications where technicians need to be paged during an outage, TelAlert takes the dispatch information from ServiceLink--customer name and address, nature of the problem, failed equipment, service contract terms, last service call--formats it, and sends it to the technician's SkyWriter, which is also running a TelAlert applet.
Searchable writer marketplace to find and recruit writers: Agencies will be able to access of pool of more than 17,000 Skywriter profiles directly from the platform in order to invite writers to their clients' programs.
Some of the other romantic ways to propose to your valentine on Valentine's Day include hiring a skywriter.
The message hanging off the end of a skywriter plane read "I am sorry Daniel Clowes," Contactmusic reported.
Anyone interested in becoming a Skywriter can visit http://www.
LaBeouf has been making a lot of noise lately including his retirement announcements, hiring a skywriter, plagiarizing Daniel Clowes, showing his peen to land a role and declaring he's not famous.
1: Never send an e-mail message that you wouldn't mind reading from center stage at the Hult Center, or having emblazoned above Autzen Stadium by a skywriter on game day, or, more to the point, seeing on the front page of the newspaper.
A skywriter wrote ``LA 2000'' over the San Pedro festival about noon, but gathering clouds covered it.
1970: I Want You Back; ABC; The Love You Save; I'll Be There 1971:Mama's Pearl; Never Can Say Goodbye 1972: Lookin' Through The Windows; Santa Claus Is Coming To Town 1973: Doctor My Eyes; Hallelujah Day; Skywriter 1977: Show You The Way To Go; Dreamer; Goin' Places 1978: Even Though You've Gone; Blame It On The Boogie 1979: Destiny; Shake Your Body (Down To The Ground) 1980: Lovely One; Heartbreak Hotel 1981:Can You Feel It: Walk Right Now 1984: State Of Shock; Torture 1988: I want You Back 1989: Nothin' (That Compares 2 U)
31, there will be an air parade of skywriter, sky divers, hot air balloons and airplane displays, said Cultural Affairs Director Al Nodal.