slab floor

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reinforced concrete, beton armé, ferroconcrete, steel concrete

Concrete containing reinforcement designed on the assumption that the concrete and reinforcement act together in resisting forces.
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One set was for a slab floor with insulation, as shown in Figure 2 (Insulation Case 1), and the other set was for the slab floor shown in Figure 2 but without insulation (Insulation Case 2).
Unit 9 was built with a 4-inch concrete slab floor with all other factors equal to control unit 1.
Solar heat is stored in the solarium's tile-covered slab floor, then rises.
Stone tiles cover the addition's concrete slab floor.
The spring is surrounded by a slab floor with stone benches around the sides.
The chapel, which is inthe groundsof The York, a former pub in Main Street, Pembroke, has an impressive vaulted ceiling, six-foot thick walls, a slate slab floor and other original features which include a large pot boiler which, it is said, was used as a brew tank during Oliver Cromwell's time.
Built like a miniature house, the squat room has its own slab floor, stud walls, and an almost flat, hot-mopped roof.
It has a reinforced concrete slab floor and sheet pile walls.
The main house has a drawing room, library, dining room with French windows leading to the garden, a large modern fitted kitchen/breakfast room with a slate slab floor and an Aga, a large cellar, and a walk-in larder with a cold slab, slate sink and slate slab floor.
Architect Wright put most of the glass in the walls facing south to allow sun to reach deep into the house and warm its tile-covered slab floor.
Because a basement is below ground level, the water in the soil around the house and under the slab is exerting constant pressure on the foundation walls and the slab floor, Earle explained.
However, the slab floor was never adequately insulated for the minus-12 degree temperatures that, over time, resulted in the ground below the building freezing 24 feet down to bedrock and severely heaving the building.