slab jacking


A process of raising a concrete slab on ground where it has settled or been depressed; a hole is drilled through the slab, then a mixture of mud and cement is pumped beneath the slab under pressure, thereby raising it.
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During the training, another form of slab jacking was taught and training was also conducted with the equiptment needed with the new method.
Slab jacking also does not disturb landscaping and the slab or walk can be used right after completion, generally hours, not days as replacement requires.
Engineering geologic site investigations properties of cementitious grouts, procedures for cement grouting, chemical grouting of soils, grouting rock under dams, grouting of rock anchors and micropiles, deep mixing, diaphragm wails, compaction grouting, slab jacking, structural grouting, and grouting for underground structures are major topics covered.