slash pine

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slash pine:

see pinepine,
common name for members of the Pinaceae, a family of resinous woody trees with needlelike, usually evergreen leaves. The Pinaceae reproduce by means of cones (see cone) rather than flowers and many have winged seeds, suitable for wind distribution.
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The slash pine cones, having burst open from the flames, release their protected seeds for germination.
A similar pattern of change of specific gravity with age was observed in slash pine by Zobel et al.
prescribed fire, a shift towards more growing-season fires, and slash pine removal in bogs).
In contrast, slash pine trees growing in healthy, natural areas have thrived.
A stand level survival model for unthinned slash pine (Pinus elliottii) plantations in east Texas was developed that incorporates density of non-planted tree basal area per hectare competition and the incidence of fusiform rust (Cronartium quercuum).
The interior of this island, managed by the National Park Service, was dominated by scrub forests of slash pine (Pinus elliotti).
1] hybrid between slash pine (Pinus elliottii) and Caribbean pine (P.
The park consists of slash pine, mixed hardwood hammocks, wet prairies, dry prairies, estuarine mangrove forests, and the trees shown above that give the park its name.
The most common species in Monroe's Parks were water oak, slash pine, and crepe myrtle and in the Schools were slash pine, crepe myrtle, and willow oak.
One minute a wild-eyed, drooling, hard-charging English Setter named Bo is ranging far and wide, combing a clearing amid stands of slash pine, red oak, and magnolia trees; the next he is frozen in space, his nose trained on a clump of brush about 15 yards away.
In recent decades, foresters have replaced longleaf with other species, primarily loblolly and slash pine, which grow quickly to maturity and are ideal for pulpwood production.