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see abattoirabattoir
[Fr.], building for butchering. The abattoir houses facilities to slaughter animals; dress, cut and inspect meats; and refrigerate, cure, and manufacture byproducts. The largest abattoirs are those of the meatpacking industry.
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; meatpackingmeatpacking
or meat-processing,
wholesale business of buying and slaughtering animals and then processing and distributing their carcasses to retailers. The livestock industry is among the largest in the world.
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(in Russian, uboinyipunkt), an enterprise where livestock is butchered for meat. Slaughterhouses are found in settlements not serviced by meat-packing plants. A slaughterhouse has a stockyard, a slaughter room, rooms for handling meat by-products, fat products, and entrails, a hide-salting room, and a room for processing wastes. A refrigeration room is used to store perishable products. Slaughterhouses process meat, meat by-products, melted food fats, entrails, preserved hides, industrial fats, and boiled animal feeds. All processes are based on simple technology and must comply with hygienic and sanitary standards. Veterinary workers supervise the reception and slaughter of animals, as well as the processing and marketing of food and industrial products.

Industrial livestock-raising complexes, large cattle farms, sovkhozes, kolkhozes, and other agricultural enterprises have slaughterhouses for the slaughter of diseased livestock when this is determined necessary by veterinarians.

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Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf MPA Arif Abbasi said he would soon move a motion in the Punjab Assembly for raising a question regarding the quality of work done on the slaughterhouse in the previous PML-N tenure.
He said: "The loss of the slaughterhouse run by the Stevenson family for over 40 years will be felt by the farming and retail butchers over a wide area as a most efficient and professional service was much appreciated by all its users.
The slaughterhouses will be operational from 6:3am to 7:30pm on the first day of Eid, and from 6am to 7:30pm on the remaining days.
Having a common slaughterhouse located far from the shops and coal pits might force owners to keep the pigs in freezers for a considerable period and lose the quality that a La Loma lechon is known for, she added.
All slaughterhouses under the Abu Dhabi municipality will offer services from 6am to 6pm throughout the week during the holy month of Ramadan, the civic body has announced.
At Al Kamil Wal Wafi slaughterhouse some 1,830 livestock were slaughtered, including 18 camels, 47 cows, 450 goats and 1,315 sheep, while there were no reports of contaminated or unhealthy meat.
He estimated the losses as a result of the demolition of the 700-square-meter slaughterhouse to be over one million shekels (about US$ 264,000).
We have conducted undercover investigations in 10 randomlychosen UK slaughterhouses, and found evidence of cruelty and lawbreaking in nine out of these 10.
Results indicated that limited number of bacterial and fungal strains contaminate slaughterhouse air in the two laboratories.
80 euros per kg," says Ruse Stefanovski, a co-owner of the Gostivar slaughterhouse.
BEIRUT: Karantina's aging, open-air slaughterhouse remains quiet as officials mull whether to proceed with renovations or open a new facility in Shoueifat.
Campaigners argue that "none of the illegal acts we filmed were detected by the on-site vets or the slaughterhouse operators who have ultimate responsibility for animal welfare.