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vehicle that moves by sliding. A sledge is typically a heavier, load-carrying sled drawn by a horse or dog, while a sleigh is a partially enclosed horse-drawn vehicle with runners that has seats for passengers. The simplest form of the sled is a board turned up in front, as in the toboggan. Developments include the addition of wooden or metal runners, the coupling of two sleds in tandem (the bobsled), and the introduction of light and graceful horse-drawn passenger sleighs. Small sleds with runners are used in winter sports.

Evidence indicates that the sled was used in the Neolithic period, before the invention of the wheel or the use of any draft animal except the dog. Probably it was first drawn by a person. Whether the sled originated in the Old World or the New, or independently in each, is not known. Eskimos used a dogsled in pre-Columbian America. In ancient Egypt sleds were used to haul blocks of stone. The sled is still commonly used in northern regions.

See bobsleddingbobsledding,
winter sport in which a bobsled—a partially enclosed vehicle with steerable sledlike runners, accommodating two or four persons—hurtles down a course of iced, steeply banked, twisting inclines.
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; lugeluge
, a type of small sled on which one or two persons, lying face up, slide feet first down snowy hillsides or down steeply banked, curving, iced chutes similar to those used in bobsledding.
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; skeletonskeleton,
in winter sports, a type of small, very low, steel-frame sled on which one person, lying face down, slides headfirst down snowy hillsides or down steeply banked, curving, iced chutes similar to those used in luge and bobsledding.
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; tobogganingtobogganing,
sport of coasting down snowy hillsides or chutes on a toboggan, a flat-bottomed vehicle made of hard wood. The toboggan, typically measuring 1.5 ft by 6–8 ft (.46 m by 1.8–2.
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; see also travoistravois
, device used by Native North Americans of the Great Plains for transporting their tepees and household goods. It consisted of two poles, lashed one on either side of a dog or, later, a horse, with one end of each pole dragging on the ground.
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An item equipped with runners and a suitable body designed to transport loads over ice and snow.


1 (esp US and Canadian), sled
1. a vehicle mounted on runners, drawn by horses or dogs, for transporting people or goods, esp over snow
2. a light wooden frame used, esp by children, for sliding over snow; toboggan
3. NZ a farm vehicle mounted on runners, for use on rough or muddy ground


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Specifically, fans can look for specially-marked packs of Labatt Blue and Labatt Blue Light on store shelves, which will benefit the creation of new sled programs nationally.
The coaches and athletes know a lot more about driving and the feel of a sled," says Bohl.
If used on a side-incline, the sled tends to side-slip a bit.
I had watched some kids riding their sleds down it yesterday.
I hold the sleds as the children pile in and give them a push to start each run.
Snowmobile club members said they were prompted to build the sled hill by the sight every Christmas season of little kids standing around area sno parks with new sleds and no good place to use them.
Transporting and adding or subtracting shot bags to the Lead Sled is now a cinch.
Just minutes later, Libby hopped into the sled and wiggled down to get comfortable on a bed of washed-out throw pillows.
Chukka Caribbean Adventures' tours will carry clients on rubber-wheeled golf carts over paths and meadows, avoiding the country's beaches since the sleds don't perform well on sand.
We watched the racers come by, led by a Minnesota sled driver.
Do not sled on or around frozen lakes, streams, or ponds because the ice may be unstable.
The dogs' trainer, John, an English lad barely in his 20s, assured us that sled dogs prefer weather like this.