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see sledsled,
vehicle that moves by sliding. A sledge is typically a heavier, load-carrying sled drawn by a horse or dog, while a sleigh is a partially enclosed horse-drawn vehicle with runners that has seats for passengers.
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sledgehammer, sledge

A large hammer having two faces; weighs up to 100 lb (45 kg); grasped with both hands.


1 (esp US and Canadian), sled
1. a vehicle mounted on runners, drawn by horses or dogs, for transporting people or goods, esp over snow
2. a light wooden frame used, esp by children, for sliding over snow; toboggan
3. NZ a farm vehicle mounted on runners, for use on rough or muddy ground


an insult aimed at another player during a game of cricket
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I definitely won't be going sledging again, people should realise they could really hurt themselves and take care," said Julie.
Australian players, who are famous for their verbal taunts as their on-field brillance, had received letters banning them from sledging.
There has even been some mock sledging at England training this week.
Peter Cornall, of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, said: "We don't want to ban sledging, we just want people to think carefully about what they are doing.
50pm on Sunday afternoon to reports a man had been injured while sledging near Ton Pentre, Rhondda Valley.
Number of vehicles parked on side of road whilst people go sledging.
I remember sledging a mile from the top of Chopwell to the bridge at Blackhall Mill.
If someone comes with sledging, people deal with it in different ways.
Sydney, Dec 1 ( ANI ): Former Australian pace bowler Len Pascoe has warned the home team that their repeated sledging exercises could backfire on them during the Ashes and turn them into the 'mouse that roared'.
Finally we put snow on the alley from 3pm to 7pm and hardened it with 20 bags of pretzel salt and now we can drive on it," said Peter Strodl, the chairman of the Garmisch-Partenkirchen Horn Sledging Association.
A TEACHER who was sacked after taking two pupils sledging has criticised his former school's implementation of health and safety legislation.
Mr Tremelling, who lost his job after the sledging incident last February, denies unacceptable professional conduct.