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1. a tubular piece that is forced or shrunk into a cylindrical bore to reduce the diameter of the bore or to line it with a different material; liner
2. a tube fitted externally over two cylindrical parts in order to join them; bush
3. a flat cardboard or plastic container to protect a gramophone record


A tube or tube-like part fitting over or around another part; a pipe used to provide openings for the installation of electric and plumbing services, used in solid concrete floors through which the services must pass. Also called a sleeve chase.


The cylindrical contact that is farthest from the tip of a phone plug.
Insulating tubing used over wires or components. Also known as bushing; sleeving.
A cylindrical part designed to fit over another part.

pipe sleeve

pipe sleeve, 1
1. A cylindrical insert, placed in a form for a concrete wall, in a location where a pipe is to pierce the wall; the insert prevents concrete from flowing into the cylindrical opening.
2. A pipe coupling.
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Since none of the pipeline contractors bidding the installation had installed the CCB International sleeves Anadarko's Bruce Cerveny asked if CCB could put together a demonstration for the benefit of the contractors.
Either you are a simple dresser or a fashion enthusiast; you can make a fashion statement with your dramatic sleeves.
While the changes need to be made to the paper pattern to assure comfortable sleeves moving forward, it's easiest to work from a mock up to assess the fit of the base pattern.
In addition, cuffs would cover up some of the stitch pattern on these sleeves with wrong-side fabric.
FLUTE SLEEVES FLUTE, bell, trumpet - call them what you will, flared sleeves are not going anywhere soon.
There were also sleeves trimmed with fluttering fabric, sleeves with cut-outs, and sleeves embellished, flared, or extra long.
Blood pressure was measured over the sleeve and below a rolled-up sleeve with a mercury-filled column sphygmomanometer.
Sears and Kmart online stores offers the latest fashion accessory for women's swimwear, Accent Sleeves, the first and only attachable arm sleeve cover-up available to wear with swimsuits.
According to AWA, Heat Shrink TD sleeves account for 87% of the sleeve market, while stretch sleeves account for 9%.
In their shorter version, the Sleeve Installers are used as end plugs to process manhole to manhole liners (deformed and reshaped, expanded and CIPP liners).
Pre-coding enabled the manufacturer to deactivate the inline coding system, increase line speed by 30 percent and code the 3,000 sleeves in a matter of minutes.
At last year's AGM, one shareholder got a round of applause when she made a plea for sleeves.