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see sledsled,
vehicle that moves by sliding. A sledge is typically a heavier, load-carrying sled drawn by a horse or dog, while a sleigh is a partially enclosed horse-drawn vehicle with runners that has seats for passengers.
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a common type of vehicle without wheels, usually equipped with runners. Sleighs without runners include certain types of travois, the toboggan of the Canadian Indians, and Lapp sledges. Sleighs pulled by horses, deer, or dogs include drags and narty (drawn sledges used by northern peoples). There also are various kinds of sleighs with bodies; open sleighs with a hood include the Russian balochok and kibitka.

Sleighs predate wheeled vehicles and were known in both southern and northern countries. Many peoples whose civilization already had wheeled transportation, such as the peoples of ancient Egypt and Rus’, customarily used sleighs in their burial rites. Until the end of the 17th century Russian tsars and patriarchs used sleighs as ceremonial vehicles even in the summer, as it was considered more of an honor to ride in a sleigh than in a carriage. In regions without roads in the Far North and in parts of Southern Siberia sleighs were often used in place of wheeled vehicles in the summer.

Sleighs are used in rural areas of countries with snowy winters. They are also used in sports. Some sectors of the economy use aerosleighs.


Part of a gun carriage which supports the recoil mechanism and barrel of the gun and slides with the gun on recoil, guiding it in runways in the cradle.
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At each movement he made his body lowered several inches, his knees yielding with an inclination inward; but, as the sleigh turned at a bend in the road, the youth cast his eyes in quest of his old companion, and he saw that he was already nearly concealed by the trunks of the tree; while his dogs were following quietly in his footsteps, occasionally scenting the deer track, that they seemed to know instinctively was now of no further use to them.
Many of the American sleighs are elegant though the use of this mode of conveyance is much lessened with the melioration of the climate consequent to the clearing of the forests.
He ripped a thin sliver of whalebone from the rim of a bird-snare that lay on the sleigh, and, after straightening, set it upright in a little hole in the ice, firming it down with his mitten.
They followed, tugging at the hand- sleigh, while nearer and nearer came the roaring march of the ice.
The weather was as pitiless as usual; but it is easier to draw a sleigh loaded with good food than to hunt starving.
She had never seen tin cooking-pots or wooden-shod sleighs before; but Kotuko the boy and Kotuko the dog were rather fond of her.
KIDS in North Ormesby went for a sleigh ride - even though there was no snow.
A MUCH-LOVED Coventry tradition is back as the Rotary Club's Santa Sleigh Collection takes to the streets for its biggest fundraising challenge yet.
The name is a pun on three levels - a Christmas sleigh, slayed if you're drunk after consuming too much of it, and Slade, the legendary Black Country glam rock band.
A GIANT Christmas sleigh made entirely out of LEGO - complete with Santa and reindeers - has arrived at Liverpool ONE.
Solihull council leader Bob Sleigh, who has been elected chairman of the shadow board for the West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA), said community leaders in the region had already negotiated major change in a short period of time.
Claire Young (left), who hit the headlines as a finalist in BBC1's The Apprentice, cut a ribbon to officially open the offices of Sleigh & Story at Thornhill Brigg Mills, Thornhill Beck Lane.