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With Mark O'Rowe's brilliant script and John Crowley's spare direction this is a raw slice of life that will make you laugh and choke at the same time.
Surveyors will be looking for an actual slice of life.
It's time to restart and to recover and for each of us to claim our own luxury--our own slice of Life.
NEW YORK-Introduced at 2001's spring markets, PTS America's Slice of Life piqued the interest of the tabletop industry with its eclectic collection of black-and-white images.
Hedwig, which Fine Line Features will release in the United States this summer, includes a comically exaggerated slice of life behind the Berlin Wall: A young East German escapes Communism via botched sex-reassignment surgery and marriage to an American soldier before discovering her "internationally ignored" talents as a superfierce songstress.
Piled high with veggies, light on cheese, bubbling with sauce-- that just may be the slice of life.
But this slice of life at the bottom is pretty depressing and demoralising stuff without a sufficiently strong or original story by way of compensation.
His photographs are a slice of life to be mined by anthropologists of the future.
The play is a slice of life but has overtones of mysticism and symbolism.
The result, in 1986, was the first Slice of Life videodisc, which contained 10,000 medical images.
And Domino's Pizza: A Slice of Life narrator's stats overload: "Every year Domino's gets through enough tomato sauce to fill two Olympic swimming pools, slices 800 tons of pepperoni, the equivalent of 80 double-decker buses, and the company's drivers travel 13 million miles across the UK.