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darby, derby slicker

1. A float tool used in plastering, either wood or metal, about 4 in. (10 cm) wide and about 42 in. (approx. 1 m) long, with two handles; used to float or level the plaster base coat prior to application of the finish coat, or to level the plaster finish coat before floating or troweling.
2. A hand-manipulated straightedge usually 3 to 8 ft (1 to 2.5 m) long, used in the early-stage leveling operations of concrete finishing to supplement floating.
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The NYCity Slickers is an eight-piece, high-energy, progressive bluegrass band that combines the wailing tight harmonies and talents of three gorgeous gal singers with the hard-driving sound of five musically gifted guys on banjo, guitar, mandolin, fiddle, bass, and accordion," says Chadwick.
Carol Braithwaite of St Basil's Hospice and Simon Tupper of Redcliffe Catering taking part in the City Slickers Sleepout 2008 in Birmingham City Centre.
Mr Hackett argued that the City Slickers had no bearing on the market and there was no real evidence that their tips made market prices rise.
In arriving at its conclusions, the Commission considered the following six matters - namely Messrs Bhoyrul and Hipwell and the City Slickers column; Tina Weaver and the Booth Industry shares; Piers Morgan and the purchases of shares in Wiggins Group, Corporate Executive Search and Viglen Technology plc; Mr Morgan's position as editor; and the possible role of the newspaper industry's Code of Practice Committee in re-examining the terms of Clause 14.
This was sparked by reports in other papers that Mirror editor Piers Morgan had bought shares in computer group Viglen the day before the company was tipped in the City Slickers column.
The Inner City Slickers Ranch is a part of the Awareness Foundation, which seeks to provide ``recognition of the dignity of the human spirit without qualification,'' according to its Web site.
We'll be straight with you: the Slickers are Arsenal fans, and hope Leeds lose every game they play.
When the cowgirls arrived for their sleepover Saturday morning they were greeted by McMeel - a former drummer for the rock band Three Dog Night - and a handful of wranglers who showed the inner-city slickers how to rope and ride steers and horses.
Slickers believe a bid will come, possibly from another European retailer, so now may be the best time to buy.
Palance got his first Oscar nomination in 1952, played the movie western's most menacing gunman in ``Shane,'' picked up a whole new audience with ``City Slickers,'' then wowed the 1992 Academy Awards crowd by doing one-armed push-ups when he went onstage to accept his Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his role.
MANY thanks for the hundreds of emails of support from readers after yesterday's story of how those idiots on the internet bulletin boards have been trying to make life hard for the Slickers.
Mike McNeel, the drummer for the band Three Dog Night, started the Inner-City Slickers program in 1994 to give kids from cities a different perspective, as well as teach them responsibility and teamwork.