sliding window

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sliding window

(1) A communications protocol that transmits multiple packets before acknowledgment. Both ends keep track of packets sent and acknowledged (left of window), those which have been sent and not acknowledged (in window) and those not yet sent (right of window).

(2) A view of memory that can be instantly shifted to another location.

sliding sash

A window or door which moves horizontally in grooves or between runners.
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Step 4: Compute the Euclidean distance of each sliding window with the matrix "CD", as [ED.
The number of tags detected in the window is represented by N, then the number of tags read in sliding window N meets the binomial distribution B([W.
Until relatively recently, few PVC-U window profile manufacturers included a vertical sliding window in their range.
They introduce a further segmentation strategy with overlapping segments that does not only use a sliding window but also considers windows of different size.
SEATTLE -- Today, Mikron Industries, the most innovative solutions provider to window manufacturers, announces the introduction of a new MikronWood([TM]) Double Sliding window to their 1750 replacement series.
Tenders are invited for one 30~x40~x10~ mega frame gable tent w/cafe sliding window walls.
Weiland Sliding Doors, a manufacturer of European-style sliding window doors distributed through Anderson and Pella Windows
Key hardware acceleration features of WinMax include: HCS (Header Check Sequence) acceleration, including CRC-8; payload CRC calculation for all payloads, including CRC-32; sophisticated Policer/Scheduler hardware accelerators; ARQ accelerators for high resolution hardware timestamps and ARQ sliding window acceleration; hardware synchronization support for the MAC/PHY interface; security and authentication engine, including AES-XCB, AES-CCM, 3xDES, HMAC-MD5 and SHA-1 encryption.