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1. a channel that carries a rapid current of water, esp one that has a sluicegate to control the flow
2. the body of water controlled by a sluicegate
3. See sluicegate
4. an artificial channel through which logs can be floated



in ore dressing, an inclined, rectangular trough, usually with a rough bottom of napped fabric covered with a pattern of wood planks, corrugated rubber, or the like, designed for gravity concentration of minerals. As the pulp passes through the sluice, the particles separate into layers according to their density and grain size; the heavier minerals settle to the bottom and are held by the friction created by the roughness and the bottom pattern. The vortices that form promote selective concentration. After the material has accumulated, the sluice is rinsed out by washing the concentrate into a separate receptacle with a powerful stream of water.

A distinction is made between fixed and band-type sluices. Fixed hydraulic sluices are designed to process large amounts of material. They are made of from six to eight consecutively laid boards several meters long with a slope of 0.03–0.06. They can extract 70–80 percent of the tin from ore concentrates containing 15–30 percent SnO2; the extraction of gold is 40–60 percent. Other sluicing devices, cradles, and trommels are used for processing crude concentrates.

Band-type sluices consist of a continuous rubberized band, the upper part of which moves against the stream of pulp. The lighter fraction is unloaded in the lower section, and the heavier fraction is washed from the upper section of the band by a sprinkler. A band-type sluice 3 m long and 1.5 m wide has a productivity of 5 cu m/hr and can extract 92–95 percent of the gold in an ore.

Automatic multideck movable sluices have been in use since the 1970’s. The type used in the USSR has five decks arranged in parallel above one another in tiers. The feed is stopped automatically every 4 min, the decks are tipped to an angle of 45°, and a petcock is opened for 1 min for rinsing. The use of vibration in sluices increases productivity.


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(civil engineering)
A passage fitted with a vertical sliding gate or valve to regulate the flow of water in a channel or lock.
A body of water retained by a floodgate.
A channel serving to drain surplus water.
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Krevosky also regularly clears the water trails of debris and fallen logs to allow smooth sailing for canoers and kayakers on the French River downstream from the sluiceway.
The water level was dropped until the sluiceway was uncovered.
Work to repair the sluiceway has been completed, and the water level had been rising slowly.
There were remnants of foundations, sluiceways and stonework for dams.
In her widely read A Wheel Within a Wheel, she described learning to ride at age fifty-three: "I began to feel that myself plus the bicycle equals myself plus the world, upon whose spinning wheel we must learn to ride or face into the sluiceways of oblivion and despair.
PARSONPOXY SEL-80 is a 100 percent solids, two-component modified epoxy coating which provides excellent protection to concrete and steel sewage structures such as manholes, digesters, clarifiers, settling tank troughs, sluiceways, filter beds, concrete tile and weirs.
Double-effect extraction is less attractive (Larsen and Topinka 1984; Charlier 1982) because, although more time is available for extraction, the available head will be smaller, and very large sluiceways are needed in order to fill and void the reservoir of large volumes of water during shorter intervals.
Huge forests of old, large trees were available to build and fuel the development of the young nation, and great energy and ingenuity were expended to build the railroads, sluiceways, splash dams, oxen roads, and other means by which logs could be moved from the forest to where they would be used.
Tenders are invited for Cleaning and disposla of accumulated clinker from main sluiceways, sump distribution pit, sump pit etc and digging of wet & dry ash.
He said the repair work includes grouting what had been dry-laid sluiceways channeling water to the mill.
On their journey to the ocean, downstream migrating salmon smolts must bypass mainstem dams(40) in one of five ways: 1) through the powerhouse and hydroelectric turbines, 2) through ice and trash sluiceways, 33 by spill over dam spillways, 4) through structural bypass facilities, or 5) via a barging and trucking program that collects smolts and transports them downstream for release below Bonneville Dam.