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1. a channel that carries a rapid current of water, esp one that has a sluicegate to control the flow
2. the body of water controlled by a sluicegate
3. See sluicegate
4. an artificial channel through which logs can be floated



in ore dressing, an inclined, rectangular trough, usually with a rough bottom of napped fabric covered with a pattern of wood planks, corrugated rubber, or the like, designed for gravity concentration of minerals. As the pulp passes through the sluice, the particles separate into layers according to their density and grain size; the heavier minerals settle to the bottom and are held by the friction created by the roughness and the bottom pattern. The vortices that form promote selective concentration. After the material has accumulated, the sluice is rinsed out by washing the concentrate into a separate receptacle with a powerful stream of water.

A distinction is made between fixed and band-type sluices. Fixed hydraulic sluices are designed to process large amounts of material. They are made of from six to eight consecutively laid boards several meters long with a slope of 0.03–0.06. They can extract 70–80 percent of the tin from ore concentrates containing 15–30 percent SnO2; the extraction of gold is 40–60 percent. Other sluicing devices, cradles, and trommels are used for processing crude concentrates.

Band-type sluices consist of a continuous rubberized band, the upper part of which moves against the stream of pulp. The lighter fraction is unloaded in the lower section, and the heavier fraction is washed from the upper section of the band by a sprinkler. A band-type sluice 3 m long and 1.5 m wide has a productivity of 5 cu m/hr and can extract 92–95 percent of the gold in an ore.

Automatic multideck movable sluices have been in use since the 1970’s. The type used in the USSR has five decks arranged in parallel above one another in tiers. The feed is stopped automatically every 4 min, the decks are tipped to an angle of 45°, and a petcock is opened for 1 min for rinsing. The use of vibration in sluices increases productivity.


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(civil engineering)
A passage fitted with a vertical sliding gate or valve to regulate the flow of water in a channel or lock.
A body of water retained by a floodgate.
A channel serving to drain surplus water.
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Seven hundred million tons of sediment will land annually at the foot of the dam, and the government is relying on an untested system of sluiceways to keep it clear enough to produce the promised electricity.
Such companies could then afford to invest capital in making the river more usable for their purposes: removing obstacles, building dams and sluiceways, and so on.
Giza Governorate has agreed to dig a number of wells as an alternative watering choice for those farmlands that have depended on the sluiceway, according to the statement.
The poetic imagination which has been able to encompass all the changes of light on the water, all the hum and bustle of the coastal flora and fauna, comes up against the ultimate blankness, the loss of all imagery in contemplating an instant transition from life to death: when the blood roared, overflowing its cerebral sluiceway, and the iridescence of his last perception, charring, gave way to unreversed, irrevocable dark
We added three bridges over the sluiceway at the northern limit of Corps property," he said.
The work generally includes repairing the concrete crest of the existing diversion, constructing a rock ramp at the downstream face of the diversion, constructing a grouted rock fishway/boater passage channel, constructing a sediment sluiceway, demolition of portion of the existing diversion structure, construction of a new headgate structure, and installation of five (5) pre-fabricated slide gates (four (4) 6-foot by 6-foot each headgates and one (1) 4-foot by 4-foot sediment sluiceway gate).
Tenders are invited for California Sluiceway Radial Gate Refurbishment
We have ordered a survey to find out how the road relates to a neighbor," he said, adding that the Oxford Historical Society has shown some interest in the area of the culvert, which includes a sluiceway from a former mill on Slater's Pond.
To make what seems to be a necessary project more affordable, Department of Public Works Director John McGarry and the Pond and Lakes Commission are considering a phased-in project with the most crucial piece first - repairing the sluiceway.
The scope of work involves development of a sluiceway with wight17m wide radial gates, a hydroelectric plant with four 8MW turbine generators, a double-chamber ship, and an 11m tall embankment dam.
OXFORD - When one local man started digging in his front yard, he uncovered buried treasure in the form of a 19th-century mill foundation and sluiceway.
The massive undertaking, expected to reach completion in 2017, includes a sluiceway with eight 17 meter wide radial gates, a hydroelectric plant with four 8 MW turbine generators, a double-chamber ship, and an 11 meter tall embankment dam.