small satellites

small satellites

Following are the categories of the smallest communications satellites, based on weight. Large satellites can weigh up to 12,000 pounds.

          Weight Range            (Pounds)Type      From      To

  Mini     220    1,100

  Micro     22      220

  Nano       2.2     22

  Pico     3.5 oz     2.2

  Femto    up to 3.5 oz
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Small satellites, including CubeSats, play a valuable role in the agencys exploration, science, technology and educational investigations.
XCOR's goal is to create a rocket plane able to make money carrying scientific equipment for experiments in microgravity, hoisting small satellites aloft and even carrying passengers to the edge of space - more than 50 miles up.
We are now able to offer customers a wider selection of standard platforms, from our classic two kilowatt payload power small satellites to the high-end of the small range at about five kilowatts payload power.
Orbiting about 250 miles above Earth, Nodes will demonstrate the ability to receive and distribute commands in space from the ground, while periodically exchanging scientific data from their onboard radiation instruments, a first for small satellites.
Other uses for the airplane include serving as a platform for launching booster rockets to take small satellites and experiments into space.
Responsive space would allow the government to react quickly and use small satellites equipped with sensors to monitor and provide communication for urgent military needs.
Tenders are invited for: Network and link layer solutions for inter-satellite links between small satellites
Using a modified F-106 fighter towed aloft by a C-141 transport aircraft - just like is done with lightweight sailplanes - Kelly Space and Technology will test techniques the company hopes will enable its innovative craft to send small satellites into orbit 140 to 250 miles above Earth.
OHB can look back on more than 20 years of experience in the successful development and qualification of space technology systems especially in its Small Satellites, Manned Space Flight and Orbital & Transport Systems divisions.
The drop test was performed as part of a program that is exploring a new way of launching small satellites into space called the Falcon Small Launch Vehicle (SLV) program, administered by the U.
Tenders are invited for: C-band transceiver for small satellites (artes at 5e.
a leading provider of small satellites and related technology products, today announced the completion of bus integration on the STPSat-1 satellite, a low-earth-orbiting satellite that will be launched this year.

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