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smart car

(1) An automobile with advanced electronics. Microprocessors have been used in car engines since the late 1960s and have steadily increased in usage throughout the engine and drivetrain to improve stability, braking and general comfort. The 1990s brought enhancements such as GPS navigation, reverse sensing systems and night vision (able to visualize animals and people beyond normal human range). The 2000s added assisted parking, Web and e-mail access, voice control, smart card activation instead of keys and systems that keep the vehicle a safe distance from cars and objects in its path. Of course, the ultimate smart car is the one that drives itself (see autonomous vehicle). See embedded system and connected car.

(2) (Smart Car) A mini-compact, two-seater automobile popular on crowded city streets in Europe since the late 1990s. It debuted in the U.S. in January 2008 by carmaker Smart USA. Designed to get 40 miles per gallon, the Smart Car is marketed for city driving.

With Smart standing for "Swatch Mercedes Art," the car began as a joint venture between Mercedes-Benz and watchmaker Swatch in the early 1990s. The prototype was exhibited at the Frankfurt Motor Show in Germany in 1997, and production began in 1998 in France. Swatch turned its share of the project over to Mercedes shortly after.

Rather Petite
Weighing 1,800 pounds and three feet shorter than a Mini Cooper, some call the Smart Car a toy. However, its steel cage is similar in concept to a race car, and anti-lock brakes and front and side air bags are standard. (Image taken in Rome in 2006 courtesy of Abby Thompson.)
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Asked how long the Smart car was in his view before he hit it, he answered: "A second or two seconds.
On dark winter nights, moose like to stand in the middle of the road on the black pavement, and if their nasty end is facing towards you so that you can't see their glowing eyes, the first thing you know that they are even there is the sound of your Smart Car becoming a moose suppository.
Lundstrom, the smart car is the perfect transport, as well as a lot of fun.
Administration officer Mrs Toogood, who customises her car with changeable silver, red and pink panels, stick-on flowers and a scoop instead of a bumper, said: "I knew Jane because we both have Smart cars and we decided that when I arrived in the morning I would park first right at the top and she would park behind me.
The smart car name comes from a combination of the name of its designer, manufacturer plus the word art.
ZAP also noted that the EPA ranked the Smart Car third overall behind two hybrid electric vehicle models in the agency's SmartWay Green Vehicle Guide.
The Smart Car is probably one of the safest cars on the road today because of all the features designed into it and the pure physics of the car" The cars have passed U.
Hybrid Technologies noted that the new Smart Car will feature an advanced drive and propulsion system that has been developed specifically for the vehicle.
ZAP has a 10-year license on the technology developed by Smart-Automobile LLC to Americanize the popular European-made Smart Car for the U.
It appears to be money well spent, as sales have grown steadily with the arrival of the second-generation smart car and now the roadsters and roadster-coupAs.
WHEN the original Smart car made its debut no-one was sure if it had a future.
The technological reliability of the two-seater smart car took a hammering following a series of breakdowns and mechanical troubles, including a high-profile tip-over accident, motor industry officials said.