smart clothes

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smart clothes

Clothing that monitors the wearer's physical condition. Smart shirts and body suits provide biometric data, such as pulse rate, temperature, muscle stretch, heart rhythm and physical movement, and the data are transmitted via Bluetooth to an app in real time. Although prototypes of electronic textiles date back to the 1980s, it took more than three decades before products began to emerge. See wearable computing.

The Heddoko Garment
The Heddoko body suit tracks a person's movements and sends it to the mobile app in real time. The user is given immediate coaching to make adjustments. (Image courtesy of Heddoko,

Hexoskin Smart Shirts
These smart shirts from Hexoskin track activity, heart rate, breathing rate, breathing volume and more. (Images courtesy of Carre Technologies Inc.,

Athos Live View
Athos smart body suits show which muscles are getting a workout in real time. (Image courtesy of Mad Apparel, Inc.,
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The line of smart clothes is woven with silver-coated conductive thread that contains ECG, breathing sensor, accelerometer and gyroscope.
Smart clothes are designed to sense user requirements and environmental contexts, and should look like an ordinary garment and work well when the embedded technology is not functioning (the true potential of smart clothing can only be reached if improvements are made in consumer-based products).
However, within a few years, China, the Asian giant which has a reputation for invading the rest of the world with its tacky products, will probably start dump Third World markets with smart clothes.
Although it is an absolute hive of commercial activity, the European visitor will look in vain for shopping malls, wide streets lined with department stores, posh hairdressing salons, or smart clothes shops, in fact for almost any of the type of retail outlets so familiar to our own jaded eyes.
When the Sangam began its outreach work, villagers were highly suspicious of these 'strange' people in smart clothes who appeared seemingly out of nowhere and wanted to treat their children.
The upcoming 2003-2004 FPS topics are smart clothes, rage/bullying, artificial intelligence, media impact, and immigration.
Smart clothes aren't enough to help a mountain climber escape freezing to death.
These testbeds can be divided into two main types: smart rooms and smart clothes.
Smart clothes can't be far behind, although they'll likely be programmed solely to shop for matching accessories.
Also, why not treat a besotted new dad to Father's Day goodies such as gourmet French delicacies and smart clothes to jazz up his summer wardrobe.
1% said they have smart clothes for work they haven't worn for over a year.