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in metallurgy, any process of melting or fusion, especially to extract a metal from its ore. Smelting processes vary in detail depending on the nature of the ore and the metal involved, but they are typified in the use of the blast furnaceblast furnace,
structure used chiefly in smelting. The principle involved in this means of extracting metals is that of the reduction of the ores by the action of carbon monoxide, i.e., the removal of oxygen from the metal oxide in order to obtain the metal.
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the process of converting ores, usually metal ores, in smelting furnaces to produce a final product in molten form. Blast-furnace smelting is used in metallurgy for extracting metals from ores. Solid or molten metallic charges are converted by smelting in open-hearth furnaces, electric furnaces, and oxygen-Bessemer furnaces. Ferrous alloys and nonferrous metals are refined by smelting. Other applications of smelting are the production of alloys and the fusion of solid metals for pouring into cast ingots or for making intricate castings. A single cycle of the smelting process, as well as the resulting product is sometimes referred to as a smelt.


The heating of ore mixtures accompanied by a chemical change resulting in liquid metal.
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owned by Tongling Non-ferrous Metals (Group) Corporation, Sumitomo Metal & Mining Co, Ltd, Sumitomo Corporation and PingGuo Aluminum Company, is the largest copper smelting joint venture in China.
Given the amount of slag recovered and the information gained from smelting experiments, we suggest that the smelting furnaces at Phorades produced, in total, about 300 kg of copper (equivalent to 10 oxhide ingots).
The joint venture, based in South Korea, was formed in September 1999 by South Korea's LG Group and Japan Korea Joint Smelting Co.
With its purchase of Phoenix Smelting, IMCO acquires a permit that would allow a landfill to be built on the Loudon plant's 155-acre site.
The ilmenite smelting process, developed by QIT-Fer et Titane, Inc.
The Primary Smelting and Refining of Nonferrous Metal (except Copper and Aluminum) Industry report contains the most recent data and analysis on the industry's key financial data, cost and pricing, competitive landscape, industry structure.
The SILO Group will build its second iron ore smelting plant worth US$300-350 million in line with the implementation of the Law Number 4 of 2009.
Even though the glass was valuable as a flux and the lead was safely inert within the slag, it no longer made "cents" to shred everything together, especially when there was also a need for this glass in "glass-to-glass" recycling applications or in some of the primary lead smelting facilities that were doing more secondary smelting using CRT glass and other leaded materials such as batteries, rather than solely relying on ore from the earth.
Four centuries before comparable Incan operations, Bolivia's Tiwanaku culture probably launched silver mining at Cerro Rico and the large-scale smelting of silver ore, say Mark B.
Add exploration, milling, smelting, machinery and services, and an array of secondary products and you have two massive northern industries.
Mr Lander said that she believed the furnace was to be used by her estranged husband in setting up a business smelting car parts including cylinder heads.
The day-to-day operation of the Waste Oxide Recycling Program is located near the direct iron smelting pilot plant in Pittsburgh and is directed by the same AISI project team, headed by Dr.