smoke shaft

smoke pipe, smoke vent

smoke pipe
1. A pipe or duct which carries smoke outside a building or to a flue.
2. Same as breeching, 1.
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1 Bed), The Provision Of An Internal Ground Floor Bicycle Store And A Waste Bin Store With An Associated External Access Door Onto Echlin Street, A New Stairwell Extension To Serve The Fourth Floor Apartments, A New Smoke Shaft At Roof Level And The Proposed Installation Of Replacement Cladding For Existing Timber Cladding On The James~s Street/ Echlin Street Upper Floor Corner Elevations And All Other Ancillary Works.
Civil engineering and construction, operating under civil works (creation of 2 additional exits the tube W, change from two existing (accessibility PMR)) - work processing factory premises East and West - works integration of landscape issues, work - fire protection of structures and cables walking in the smoke shaft, - waterproofing the walls of the tubes, - procurement and management of equipment operating in construction, works of equipment: - Performance improvements ventilation system - smoke - compliance work for the installation and replacement of electrical equipment: power transformers, main switchboard, UPS, inverters, air conditioning plant rooms, central detection fire blocks autonomous security CO detectors, anemometers, NO sensors, new equipment exits.
Stair pressurization was examined as a means of meeting the requirements of Local Law 5 since the smoke shaft requirements would have been prohibitive for a building the size of WTC 1 and WTC 2.
Analysis of smoke shafts for control of smoke movement in buildings.