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river, c.250 mi (400 km) long, rising in Jasper National Park, W Alta., Canada, and flowing generally NE to the Peace River. It receives the Wapiti and Little Smoky rivers. It was explored (1792) by Alexander Mackenzie.
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The result tends to be smokier and headier than tequila.
We reckon Kate's swapped harsh kohl for gel liner, which gives a much softer, smokier (and dare we say younger) effect and is loads easier to apply and blend.
Smokier than the Chivas 12-year-old, the 18-year-old features a lush, full body and a complex ensemble of flavors with a long finish.
Edwina has also suggested more dramatic make-up and smokier, more sultry eyes in particular.
Seven stainless steel flavor generator plates catch drippings to create more smoke and smokier flavor, and also channel grease neatly into the removable drip tray for easier cleanup.
Wonderful smokiness, and it's well done, but I think it could be a notch smokier," added Greg Zannella.
The asymmetrical vase, of a slightly darker, smokier blue, is by the Swedish firm of Kosta and was made in 1959.
Suddenly, it got smokier than ever and darker than the darkest night.
As smoking guns go, you don't get much smokier than that.
Alternatively, if the weather is still good, stick them on the barbecue for a smokier flavour.
What's needed, Smokier said, is federal funding for the creation, improvement, retention and training of career-ladder jobs.
The smoking gun could have been a whole lot smokier," says Dosch.