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river, c.250 mi (400 km) long, rising in Jasper National Park, W Alta., Canada, and flowing generally NE to the Peace River. It receives the Wapiti and Little Smoky rivers. It was explored (1792) by Alexander Mackenzie.
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If I'm going out in the evening, then I'll maybe make it a bit smokier.
Unfortunately there's no answer for you home chefs whose kitchens regularly become smokier than Snoop Dogg's tour bus.
His description of the city is brief, focusing on the smog created by industries: "My impressions of it are extremely vague and misty--or, rather, smoky:--for Sheffield seems to me smokier than Manchester, Liverpool, or Birmingham.
29 ( ANI ): A recent study by Harvard University researchers point towards a worsened scenario for the US wildfire season which is expected to turn even smokier and prolonged as a result of climate change.
95 If you are after something a little smokier then look no further than the Peat Project.
Eyes were smokier and surely more dramatic than what a real bride might wear on her wedding.
I remember it as having a slightly smokier, deeper taste than Hydrox; the lardy center was grainier and less greasy.
Quigley, Leonard, and Collins (2003) found that violent bars were more likely to be reported as being smokier, warmer, dirtier, darker, more crowded, more likely to have competitive games, and more likely to employ bouncers and males.
I kept the make-up really classic and flawless with neutral golds and browns on the eyes, and made it a little smokier for the evening.
The doors--Doorway I, Threshold II, and Threshold III, all 2010--are respectively pink, yellow, and a deeper, smokier gray.