snap head


The head of a bar, bolt, rivet, or screw which is hemispherical in shape; usually the head is less than a full hemisphere and has a flat bearing surface.
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If the detent snap head sticks, you'll have trouble adjusting the pole.
Limited Tenders are invited for FSwitch Rotary Snap Head Light Cab end - Long Hood end to EMD part No: 8213092 and DLW Part No: 18310370.
Tenders are invited for Hot Forged Solid Steel Rivets Diameter, 22 X 80 Mm Snap Head Type To Is: 1929/82 Reaffirmed 1996 And Material As Per Is: 1148/2009.
Tenders are invited for Rivet Snap Head, M 20 X 80 Mm Read With Is:10102/82 Material Specification To Is:1929/82 Reaffirmed 1996 And Material As Per Is:1148/2009.
Tenders are invited for Set Of Screw Consisting Of 02 Items As Under:- 1 Csk Head Screw, Size 05 X 15 Mm 27 Nos 2 Snap Head Screw With Nut Size 05 X 30 Mm 40 Nos