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/snarf/ 1. To grab, especially to grab a large document or file for the purpose of using it with or without the author's permission.

See also BLT.

2. (Unix) To fetch a file or set of files across a network.

See also blast.

3. To acquire, with little concern for legal forms or politesse (but not quite by stealing). "They were giving away samples, so I snarfed a bunch of them."

4. Synonym for slurp. "This program starts by snarfing the entire database into core."

5. (GEnie) To spray food or programming fluids due to laughing at the wrong moment. This sense appears to be widespread among mundane teenagers - ESR.

6. This term was mainstream in the late 1960s, meaning "to eat piggishly". It may still have this connotation in context.

7. A creature on the Thundercats, fond of eating, usually covertly.
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Guess this groundhog," Snarf said, "made a pig of himself.
The last 20 years in Germany also have seen a proliferation of Turkish and Greek restaurants, perfect for quasi-vegetarians who snarf down the veggie pitas, even though one Greek purveyor couldn't believe all Stephanie wanted in her gyro was sauerkraut.
The FDA estimates that getting rid of the remaining trans fats in the food supply - the average American still snarfs a gram a day - could prevent 20,000 heart attacks and 7,000 deaths each year.
UK GCHQ's surveillance programme called 'Tempora' snarfs everything, in a rolling buffer to allow retroactive investigation without missing a single bit.
Runt of the Litter snarfs down a doughnut as Chicken Little lifts weights and Abby Mallard checks out of the action in Disney's new all-CGI ``Chicken Little.
A typical GCM snarfs up about 700 Cray-1 equivalent hours for each 10 years of "real" time.
Tying directly to 10-pound-test fishing line, however, most certainly will cost you a rough-mouthed snook, or a bull redfish that snarfs your plug deep into its throat (doesn't that drive you crazy?