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symbol for the element tintin,
metallic chemical element; symbol Sn [Lat. stannum]; at. no. 50; at. wt. 118.710; m.p. 231.9681°C;; b.p. 2,270°C;; sp. gr. 5.75 (gray), 7.3 (white); valence +2 or +4. Tin exhibits allotropy; above 13.
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The country code for Senegal.


(1) (Serial/Number) Common shorthand for serial number.

(2) (Signal/Noise) As in "s/n ratio." See signal-to-noise ratio.

(3) See shared nothing.
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The SNE is part of the Warfighter Information Network-Tactical Increment 2 mobile network that enables Soldiers operating in remote and challenging terrain to maintain voice, video and data communications while on the move.
Goldstein concluded that the analysis of SNEs supported the proposition that anglo-conformity had weakened from the 1950s onward.
The Japanese gaming stalwart has not been able to consistently meet this newfound demand for its hardware, however, as product shortages have plagued the SNES Classic and the popular new Switch console.
The gaming company also remained mum on the console's development, but its sudden cancellation of production of the mini-NES last week could signal that they're shifting focus to the SNES.
However, the Treasure Trucks in some of those cities are already sold out of the SNES Classic.
com/GameStop/status/900208450071916544) additional SNES Classic inventory when the console officially launches.
While Nintendo pre-order hype is always generally high, the SNES Classic garnered extra attention thanks to retailers keeping a tight lid on pre-order information for the retro console reboot.
com/2017/7/20/16003876/n64-classic-edition-nintendo-trademark) Polygon noted, the Nintendo and Super Nintendo icons in the applications can be found with the same design on the NES Classic and upcoming SNES Classic.
If you're a Nintendo fan who's looking forward to the upcoming SNES Classic, you'd be forgiven for having a sense of dAaAaAeA@jAaAaAeAaAaAeAeA vu.
In International Superstar Soccer Deluxe on the SNES, change the referee into a dog by going to Control Pad 2 after you hear the title and press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A.