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We have relied on the Sniffer Portable Lab 10GbE Analyzer for monitoring our high-speed networks to ensure that they are running consistently and efficiently, and to identify and pinpoint network issues.
Leveraging over 15 years of network availability and performance management experience, the Sniffer Network Protection Platform was developed to enable organizations to protect the performance, security and integrity of their businesses, from the most complex network issues and malicious threats of today and tomorrow.
The cost of the Sniffer Investigator has not been revealed.
Through its support of major topologies, network devices and more than 550 protocol decodes, Sniffer solutions are comprehensive network troubleshooting and service level management tools for virtually any network.
The Original Whiffer Sniffers is a collectible line of scented plush characters that are available as either backpack clips or larger huggable versions.
Sniffer Technologies currently supports Cisco Systems' Aironet wireless LAN products and Symbol Technologies' Spectrum24 High Rate wireless LAN solutions through its Sniffer Wireless product.
Network General, Sniffer, InfiniStream, and the Network General logo are registered trademarks or trademarks of Network General Corporation and/or its affiliates in the United States and/or other countries.
With the new SNIFFER, the users in the field will be able to search large areas (like: rooms, containers, cars, clothes, etc') in a few seconds
Sniffer Technologies' decision to collaborate with Cisco underscores their commitment and demonstrates the company's focus in providing high-quality, secure wireless LAN management solutions to address the needs of customers today.
This new Sniffer is a major breakthrough in the large field of detection and identifying suspected substances (illicit drugs, explosives).
Through its analysis capabilities, Sniffer Wireless can monitor a customer's Wireless LAN application environment, such as customer relationship management and email, and determine whether sensitive data is being transmitted without appropriate encryption solutions.
The proprietary Quantum Sniffer technology and products are differentiated from that of the competitors.