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tin snips

Shears with a blunt nose; used for cutting thin sheet metal.
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His team also discovered that women are more likely to be SNIPS than men.
To create a tapered probe, the bird begins tearing a strip near the base of the leaf and occasionally stops to snip the leaf crosswise to widen the tool.
She likes the colour so she snips off a piece of material to be matched up by Dulux.
He continued his comments about the value and use of SNIPs, "We've found that humor enables organizations to engage their employees and properly prepare them for the kind of defensible compliance training that is required by regulators.
After beta-secretase snips away one end of APP, another elusive enzyme, dubbed gamma-secretase, slices a chunk off the other end to produce beta-amyloid.
Users can then add commentary to their snips before sharing the content in full with their communities on Snip.
The investigators then tested whether the proteins were able to snip out the flanked DNA sequence and add it to the target loop.
Featured in the Pro-Tool Kits are four of the most frequently needed Harris brand tools: the D914(TM) Impact Tool, Electrician's Snips, Can Wrench, and the new Cable Splicing Knife.