snow board

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snow board, snow cradling

A continuous narrow board or strip, secured at the foot of a roof slope, which serves as a snow guard.
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Most ski and snow board packages include a full or half day of tuition and a six-day lift pass.
The slopes are packed with teenagers and toddlers, along with mums and dads, many of whom are on skis or snow boards for the first time in their lives.
STAFF at a Warwickshire country pub swapped snow boards for surf boards to plan a summer of fun.
Currently we are offering no credit and debit card fees on all flights, and skis and snow boards fly free of charge on bookings to any of our ski destinations.
Two extrusion grades of nylon are aimed at decorative top films for snow skis and snow boards.
A large selection of hemp merchandise was available such as foods, snow boards, chain lubricates, furniture polish, coffee, clothing and tree free paper.
XBoard will do for the watercraft industry what snow boards did for the snow skiing industry by invigorating the young adult who is looking for a more challenging, exciting experience while on lake, river, or ocean.
It was for that reason snow boards were invented and we surveyors kept advising that they be maintained.