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footgear enabling the wearer to walk on soft snow without sinking. A snowshoe consists of a light frame of tough wood or aluminum, roughly the shape of a large tennis racket, which is strung with caribou skin or other material and is attached to the shoe in back of a central crossbar in the frame. A primitive form of snowshoe is that used by the Eskimo and Native North Americans, but the designs differ considerably. The Eskimo use one shape that is triangular, about 18 in. (46 cm) in length, and another that is nearly circular. The Cree, farther south, use a long narrow hunting shoe, about 6 ft (2 m) in length; in open country and for speed this type is the most suitable. The toes are slightly turned up to prevent catching if there is a crust on the snow. The shoes worn by lumbermen are about 3.5 ft (1 m) long and proportionately broad, while a tracker's shoe is at least 5 ft (1.5 m) long and very narrow. Manufactured snowshoes are often made with the moccasin attached. Snowshoe races are now popular at winter carnivals, and the sport is governed in the United States and Canada by the International Snow-Shoe Congress.
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Of the numerous cultural gifts left to us by Native Americans, snowshoes may be the most useful.
The snowshoe concept dates back thousands of years.
When snowshoeing uphill, you want to press down on the front of your boots and snowshoes to help the crampons under your toes grip the snow ahead of you.
The winter of 2006-07, my girls were ready to try snowshoeing for themselves, so we bought each of them a pair of snowshoes for Christmas.
Crescent Moon sold $20,000 worth of snowshoes in 1997, then $400,000 in 1998, and a cumulative total of "150,000 to 200,000 pairs" to date, Thamm estimates.
Snowshoe hares are named for their large, furry feet, which allow them to run and hop across deep snow.
I watched Dad remove the snowshoes from their compartment, and plop them parallel to each other on the snow so he would be able to step into them.
The grocery store at Dornan's rents skis and snowshoes, but most visitors head to downtown Jackson, where Skinny Skis and Sports Authority will gladly rent you equipment for about $20 the first day and $10 each additional day--it's a small price to pay for access to 99 percent of the white landscape that spreads out before you.
Whitetracks continued to improve existing models and create new snowshoes for a variety of users.
The disproportionately large foot pads of bobcats work as wonderful snowshoes.
AoBoy, they start them off young here,Ao I thought as the parents struggled to fasten rented snowshoes to a couple of toddlers, just out of diapers.