snowy heron

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snowy heron:

see egretegret
, common name for several species of herons of the Old and New Worlds, belonging to the family Ardeidae. Before they were protected by law the birds were nearly exterminated by hunters seeking their beautiful, white, silky plumage called aigrettes, used in millinery.
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In the drawing mentioned (but mis-entitled) by Walcott in "White Egrets," namely Snowy Heron or White Egret, the relation between the stalking bird and its prey is in fact further complicated by the figure of a hunter in the background who, rifle in his hands, seems to be stalking the bird in order to shoot it.
The hunter (or woodsman, or, indeed, "man of the woods") with his shotgun in Snowy Heron or White Egret, therefore, might well be him: after all, Audubon has been often immortalized by others as a hunter clutching his rifle.
Interestingly, in Snowy Heron or White Egret, the human predator (who, as we have seen, could well be Audubon the "woodsman" or "man of the woods" himself) appears minuscule, vulnerable, and on the margin of the composition; the bird (his potential prey) is instead as a majestic creature which dominates both landscape and painting and seems almost impossible to "capture" for the human figure.