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soakaway, soakpit

A pit excavated in the earth’s surface which receives excess surface water, allowing it to drain away slowly.
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The system could be changed to discharge treated gray water overland in wetland communities where soakaway pits will not work.
Expert tip You will need to spike lawns and maybe install a drainage system or soakaway to prevent puddles forming.
Water, extracted from the ground at a fairly constant 11 degrees Celsius, is used to cool the air in the auditorium and is returned via a soakaway.
A police spokesman said: "The boy did not fall far - perhaps a few feet - but he is a only four and it was a soakaway for sewage and waste water.
Plastic land drains can be laid to conduct water to the lowest point in your garden, where you can build a soakaway.
This system reduces soakaway blockage by breaking down solids and grease.
Refuse collection bins or boxes were available to 29 percent of the interviewees, and 28 percent had access to a bathroom with a soakaway.
Remediation of a former landfill site by the introduction of a stabilisation mat and imported stone capping layer / General earthworks of inert material to provide final levels for future landscaping / Civils infrastructure works including surface water drainage, cell soakaway system, car parks and entrance works / Hard landscaping surfaces and fitness trails / Soft landscaping and planting including tree planting and a potential term maintenance period.
Soakaway or rainwater harvesting If it is not possible to discharge the rainwater from your roof into the drain, then you could consider installing a soakaway, which is basically a lined pit in the ground filled with stones that holds the water and allows it to gradually percolate into the ground around it.
Snow takes longer to thaw on lawns, grass and earth, a natural soakaway, which helps to reduce flooding.
Mr Boon, 72, said: "There must be thousands of others like me who didn't know they had a soakaway and therefore do not have to pay this charge, but United Utilities are keeping it quiet.
Now not many people have realised that this is to actually charge you for the rain water that hits your home and runs down to a soakaway.