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There are, of course, any number of effective strategies and approaches that can be and have been used to teach about social class in general and class inequality in particular (e.
CMV prevalence in general population of donors (paid and unpaid) according to social class Social class Low/Middle High CMV No 170 123 11.
Such attempts to define social class are complicated by several other factors.
Addressing the issues of educational equity and social class diversity, Donna Marie San Antonio documents the challenges adolescents face when making the transition from elementary school to middle school.
Most of the contributors to this issue bring a particular focus on the confluence of social class and religion.
Inheritance laws and social class often determined whether or not women could maintain independence as they aged.
McLaren (1989) defined social class as "the economic, social, and political relationships that govern life in a given social order" (p.
Her analysis of roughly 1,200 aristocratic couples and their children demonstrates both how the benefits of social class can mitigate considerably the legal disabilities born out of gender and how class and gender interact to form identity.
focused on the role of social class in the career development of a group of young women who were employed in working-class jobs.
In this article, the authors explore the complex interaction among race, culture, and social class, its impact on middle-class African American adolescents, and culturally responsive counseling.
How do social class, family, culture, disability, age, gender, or ethnicity influence health-related beliefs, attitudes, values, or cognitive styles?
This, then, becomes an issue of social class and styles of explanation.