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One mL soil suspension (10%) for each of the collected samples was transferred to sabouraud dextrose agar (SDA) petri plates.
Soil suspension was transferred to a sedimentation cylinder and water was added to adjust the volume to 1L.
Five grams of each soil sample were suspended in 20 ml of sterile double distilled water and was shaken for 5 minutes to make a soil suspension.
The sand fraction (>50[micro]m) was separated by passing the dispersed soil suspension through a 50 [micro]m sieve (sand fractions were dried at 60[degrees]C).
9 ]With increasing acidity of soil suspension an increase in the adsorption of 2-(4-fluorophenyl)-1H- benzimidazole occurs as adsorbed in soil 4and ionized molecules could be absorbed by the organic fraction of the soil.
1 ml of the soil suspension was aseptically transferred into the various media in Petri dishes, spread with an L-shaped glass rod and incubated at 28[degrees]C.
pH of soil suspension: The pH of soil was determined by making soil suspension of 1:5.
Soil pH was measured using a low conductivity glass calomel electrode in a soil suspension prepared by mixing 10g of moist soil with 20 ml of distilled water.
The number of filamentous fungi was determined by surface seeding of the soil suspension on Czapek--Doxa medium from dilutions of [1:10.
After 7 days, 1 ml soil suspension was transferred from each flask to flasks in the same medium.
The soil suspension was passed through a 60-mesh sieve nested over a 325-mesh sieve.