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a. the nonstandard use of a grammatical construction
b. any mistake, incongruity, or absurdity



in poetics, an incorrect turn of speech used as a stylistic element; a figure of speech generally used to create a “low” style. As with other figures of speech, there are different types of solecisms. These are solecism formed by addition (pleonasm), by omission (ellipsis), and by substitution. The last type is divided into morphological solecism, or enallage, as in “of taking a walk there can be no question” or “citizen, don’t let’s,” and syntactical solecism, or anacoluthon, as in “I order that a warning be given that he should calm his madness, and that there is a limit to everything.”

In linguistics, solecism is an incorrect choice of a grammatical form for a syntactic structure. An example is the incorrect colloquial Russian use of skol’ko vremia (“what time is it?”) instead of the correct skol’ko vremeni. Here the nominative form of vremia (“time”) is incorrectly used after skol’ko (“how much”) instead of the grammatically correct genitive (vremeni). Another example is the French Quoiqu’il est tard (incorrect use of indicative for subjunctive) instead of the correct Quoiqu’il soit tard.

Solecisms may result from the influence of dialectical speech. They may also be caused by violation of the rules for agreement of parts of a sentence. An example of this is “Anyone who needs care in a sanatorium, it is necessary to provide it” instead of “. . . will be provided with it.” Solecisms may also result from violation of the rules for agreement of main and subordinate clauses, as in “I am ashamed, as an honorable officer” (A. S. Griboedov).

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The question of whether this may be a youthful solecism is valid.
I am not aware of any other book that covers this subject from this perspective, and it therefore usefully fills a gap, so I can actually recommend it, despite the sometimes patronising style, and the solecisms mentioned above.
Another attempted reclamation is of the old names from displacing solecisms scattered across the mountain by the Ordnance Survey.
Alas, after years of grumbling over those now blithely accepted solecisms, I feel like King Canute, demanding that the rising tide of poor grammar halt.
But he also knew that his solecisms gave good entertainment value.
There are, however, the distractions of multiple introductions, too-frequent cultural asides, and numerous solecisms throughout the volume.
She tortures my ears every hour in the day with her solecisms, her rustic dialect, or her uncouth expressions" (2:81).
Bruce was an animated lecturer, a stimulating tutor and a diligent supervisor, always alert to flaws in logic and errors of fact, pernickety about grammatical errors and solecisms, and ruthless in expunging long sentences.
May's discussion of subversion of social niceties and solecisms as farce in Apuleius and Drama: The Ass on Stage, Oxford, 2006.
Much, however, is wordy and colloquial, and there are some jarring solecisms.
It is a pity that this piece is marred (as are many other pieces in this issue) by the writer's less than perfect English and by numerous typographical and orthographical errors and solecisms of various sorts which might cost the journal some esteem by Anglophone readers.