solid door

solid-core door

A door having a core of solid wood or mineral composition, as opposed to one of hollow-core construction.
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cried Daddy Jacques, "it is an old and solid door that was brought from the chateau--they don't make such doors now.
The kitchen was at the far end with a solid door between it and the rest of the house, because there used to be a huge cooking stove on the end wall.
The scenario that was the most successful in creating high concentrations of refrigerant (close to the LFL) was the solid door closet scenario; this scenario created the highest flammable concentration and was the only ignition test to result in an ignition event.
There is an open, arched entrance porch with a solid door which opens to a spacious hallway.
A panic room is a bedroom converted into a high-security area with solid door and barred windows.
Cal Door's Revere door is a cope (n stick solid door style.
One elaborate way to reintroduce cats if they become hostile is to keep the aggressor in a less desirable area of the house behind a solid door, gradually replaced by a plastic door, a screen door or a door opened just a crack.
This man has enough brass in his neck to supply every Georgian house in Dublin with solid door knockers.
The Optima EH-case features either a HEPA filter on the front door with special gasketing to prevent dust ingress or a solid door with NEMA type gasketing.
TOUCH OF FROST To keep the kitchen out of direct eyeline, without losing light, the simplest solution was to remove the solid door and replace it with a frosted, glass-panelled update.
Depending on the intensity of the chasing behavior, you may want your cat behind a solid door when you're away to ensure protection, or baby gates may be enough to give kitty safe zones to use as she chooses.
The Endura line consists of heated roll-through and pass-through cabinets, refrigerated, heated and dual temperature reach-ins, refrigerated roll-ins, roll-throughs and pass-throughs, top mounted glass or solid door reach-ins, and a series of prep tables and undercounter/ worktable cabinets, many of which are Energy Star and California Energy Commission certified.