solvent power

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solvency, solvent power

The degree to which a solvent holds a resin or other paint binder in solution, or reduces its viscosity.
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Organic esters are unique in the sense that the ester group (-COO-) contributes an unusual property to an organic molecule, allowing it to be compatible in many polymers, be less viscous and contribute low temperature, softening and solvent power to an otherwise passive hydrocarbon molecule.
vapour only, some of the lower boiling solvents should be discounted as they are both more expensive and have poor vapour degreasing capability due to their low KB or solvent power value.
The technique of column separation with precipitation-redissolution of copolymer samples was first reported by Baker and Williams (6) who applied temperature gradient along the column at the same time as gradual solvent power.
discovered the use of micelles to improve solvent power, in much the way that soup helps to solubilize oils in water.