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This process also avoids problems associated with conventional solvent-refined mineral oils, which retain contaminants that can lead to acid development and premature aging of the oil.
With the Advanced HC/HI (115 VI) and the Synthetic HC/HI (125 VI) base oils, iso- and mono-cycloparaffins ranged from 76% to 91% and approached the 100% level observed with PAO's while being significantly different from solvent-refined base oils which contained 45%-50% of this group and only 25% iso-paraffins.
Conoco expects to begin marketing hydrocracked oils in Spring 1997, representing a new class of mining lubricants developed from a highly refined, all-paraffin-base oil that is claimed to be water-clear, pure, and free from reactive hydrocarbons and other impurities that can degrade conventional solvent-refined lubricants.