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A reaction in which a solvent reacts with the solute to form a new substance.



a double-decomposition chemical reaction between a solute and solvent that proceeds according to an ionic mechanism. The reaction results in the formation of new compounds. Solvolysis may be reversible (in self-ionizing liquids) or irreversible. In certain solvents it is designated by special terms, for example, hydrolysis in water, alcoholysis in alcohols, and ammonolysis in ammonia.

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Next, partial solvolysis of the PUR powder (particle size < 1 mm, PUR/E) with either TMP or TRIS was performed in the extruder at 180-200[degrees]C (PUR/TMP) and 160-180[degrees]C (PUR/TRIS) with the screw speed of 50 rpm [12], The composition and characterization of partially solvolyzed waste PUR foam are presented in Table 1.
Mason and co-workers followed conductometrically the kinetics of 2-chloro-2-methylpropane solvolysis in aqueous ethanol under sonication employing bright Pt electrodes [14].
The title is changed from "Reinvestigating the kinetics of solvolysis of n-butyl chloride in ethanol and acetone" to "Reinvestigating the kinetics of solvolysis of t-butyl chloride in ethanol and acetone"
Solvolysis with water and alkali reagents Water is multipurpose, mechanically diluting and flushing the agent away, and can also react with numerous agents to detoxify them by slow hydrolysis.
Formation, solvolysis, and transcarbamoylation reactions of bis(S-glutathionyl) adducts of 2,4- and 2,6-diisocyanatotoluene.
by pyrolysis, hydrolysis, solvolysis or hydrogenation.
HF solvolysis will allow for spectrometric analysis as a method of identifying the carbohydrate.
Solvolysis reactions during dissolution processing can be overcome by the inclusion of a proper buffering system.
Pyrolysis, gasification, hydrogenation, liquefaction * Chemical decomposition * Solvolysis of PET, nylons, polyurethanes * Product regeneration