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a. a method of argument that is seemingly plausible though actually invalid and misleading
b. the art of using such arguments



(1) The philosophic current in ancient Greece created by the Sophists.

(2) Reasoning based on the deliberate violation of the rules of logic or the use of false arguments.

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The use of false metaphors and other sophistries to manipulate public decision making has the predictable consequence of reducing public trust (Bok 1978; Seligman 1997).
A final chapter on fallacies and sophistries includes a look at paranormal phenomena.
Jeffries, understandably, has no use for lethal sophistries of this sort.
Yet The Bell Curve advances it with the same deluge of statistical and logical sophistries that has driven its predecessors.
In confirmation hearings, his testimony was filled with sophistries, errors and "faulty recollections.
Their testimony focused carefully on law and public policy and--calling racial opportunism by its name--emphatically rejected the sophistries about Thomas deserving a chance to serve on the Court because he had been a poor black child with a loving grandfather.
Instead of analysis of the ways that black people and politics connect with the institutional exercise of power, we get either utterly predictable rehearsals of standard bromides and litanies - reminiscent of a Las Vegas act gone stale ("we need to build coalitions of the oppressed [here include a string of groups] that are multiracial but guard against racism, sexism, homophobia," et cetera, ad nauseam) - or the glib sophistries that fly under the "cultural-politics" flag.