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a. a method of argument that is seemingly plausible though actually invalid and misleading
b. the art of using such arguments



(1) The philosophic current in ancient Greece created by the Sophists.

(2) Reasoning based on the deliberate violation of the rules of logic or the use of false arguments.

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But in a social order as fragmented as ours, in which people live according to different belief systems, where demands seem to pull us in different directions; both sophistry and hypocrisy are at home.
4) The top row of the figure below shows each of the kinds to which sophistry is related in this set of divisions (225a-e).
The real question is what were the great and good of this glorious city hoping to achieve when they sat down with him (and long before him) to develop this project, and how can they still stand before us, before this very building, and rehash the same sophistry about light and clarity and you-name-it, as if they have never seen well-made architecture in their lives, and as if this isn't all happening in the shadow of a certain Acropolis.
The same argument, as above quoted, can be applied to commissions, exactly as it was to rates; and the particular sophistry in support of such application is that the commission is a part of the rate.
There should be no ducking this - no amount of sophistry, no pleas that in most states steroid use is legal and most other horses are on it, no absurd statements that it helps appetite and recovery, not actual racing performance.
Instead of sophistry and sloganeering ("terrorism is the war of the poor"), Dr.
Will it be one in which the people of Wales and the UK can believe a party when it pledges to hold a referendum on the constitution of the EU to which we are citizens and doesn't then indulge in sophistry to avoid its commitments?
The vicious practices of the 25-year occupation were made easier by the complicity of our governments: Whitlam's quiet nod to Soeharto; a self-serving logic that turned our projected benefit (oil) into sophistry about the benefits of small nations being integrated into larger ones; years of diplomatic silence over gross human rights abuses.
The failure to take responsibility for rhetorical energies invites their transformation by sophistry--into sophistry.
While this book may offer lame solace to those who would mortgage the next 30 years of their life to despoil rural America and decimate existing wildlife, its premise is pure sophistry.
And in conclusion to the answer, [Abu Rayhan] continued: And if you label this as Sophistry, then I myself am the origin of this view, however, do not say that there is nothing besides these opinions and there is nothing unless it is tangible.