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(feminine), sorceress
a person who seeks to control and use magic powers; a wizard or magician


A simple tree parser generator by Terence Parr <>.

SORCERER is suitable for translation problems lying between those solved by code generator generators and by full source-to-source translator generators. SORCERER generates simple, flexible, top-down, tree parsers that, in contrast to code generators, may execute actions at any point during a tree walk. SORCERER accepts extended BNF notation, allows predicates to direct the tree walk with semantic and syntactic context information, and does not rely on any particular intermediate form, parser generator, or other pre-existing application.

SORCERER is included in the Purdue Compiler-Construction Tool Set.

Version: 1.00B

E-mail: <> ("e-mail sor.tar.Z.uu" in subject).

Mailing list: (message body: "subscribe pccts-users YOUR-NAME", where YOUR-NAME can be your name or e-mail address).
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Dayasiri Jayasekara threatened to sue a sorcerer for claiming that at his request she cast a spell over Pakistan to ensure Sri Lanka's victory.
PROMISING a magical romp through satire and 19th century manners, The Sorcerer is the latest offering from Meltham Church Gilbert and Sullivan Society.
After a terrible accident in which she lost her mother, Joan feels responsible for keeping her family--cousin Ben, sister Ruby, and sorcerer Uncle Jed--going.
The best sorcerer his teacher has ever come across, he is impulsive and headstrong, and frequently gets in trouble with the authorities.
Strange is a former neurosurgeon who transforms into a sorcerer with virtually unlimited powers after a career-ending car crash.
Brigadier Khalil Ebrahim Al Mansouri, Director of the Criminal Investigation Department, said an Emirati woman filed a report against a sorcerer she visited for a headache.
They arrested the sorcerer red-handed after a sting operation.
Balthazar Blake, master sorcerer in Manhattan, recruits a reluctant protege to help him fight the forces of darkness.
The epic comedy action adventure chronicles the escapades of a sorcerer and his hapless apprentice when they are swept into the centre of an ancient conflict between good and evil.
You're going to e be a force for good and a very important sorcerer.
Set in New York City, Nicolas Cage plays Balthazar Blake, a sorcerer and former student of Merlin, who has travelled for centuries searching for a descendant of Merlin to defeat the evil sorceress Morgana.
The Tropic Thunder star appears opposite Nicolas Cage who plays a sorcerer who has spent thousands of years searching for wizard Merlin's successor.