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A cluster of sporangia on the lower surface of a fertile fern leaf.
A clump of reproductive bodies or spores in lower plants.



in plants, a dense cluster of reproductive organs, for example, sporangia in ferns, zoosporangia in the brown alga Laminaria, and oogonia in the brown alga Dictyota.

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As you well know, [Eastern] misposting of payments has improperly put me into foreclosure, and the subsequent freezing of my mortgage account has made it impossible for me to make payments to bring the account current," Soto wrote to Munar, Sori and several 'other credit union employees in a Sept.
Sori elongate to round, many per pinna, if elongate and parallel to costae then not immediately adjacent to them 16
Sori in few to several spikelets of an infected plant; when young, covered by whitish, early rupturing peridia.
Spore production was assumed to be linearly related to the area of fertile sori on sporophylls.
There will never be a scene in which a character says something that would identify him/her as Japanese,' says Sori on adapting the source material.
The acting administrative head of Gulran, Abdul Qayum Sori, said some prisoners overpowered the security guard while he was distributing food on Wednesday night.
Secondly, they say that innocent tribals are being jailed by confusing them with Maoists, like Soni Sori, Lingaram and there are several other people, so they must be released.
Garg has been named by the Adivasi school teacher, Soni Sori, in several letters to the Supreme Court, of ordering and supervising her torture and sexual violence against her, on the night of October 8, 2011 when she was in his custody at the Dantewada police station.
Needle, who along with his wife now operates SORI Worcester, a freestyle weaving studio at 18 Winslow St.
Oddbins list the 2000 Le Vigne and Majestic stock the amazing Barbaresco Sori Tildin from Gaja - but at pounds 190 a throw, it isn't the kind of thing you'd open every Wednesday night with sausages.
C/Manuela de los Herreros i Sori a 21, 00 34 971 26 42 75/ www.
Based on interviews with the designers about their inspirations, a Tokyo freelance design director supplies commentary to the full-page color photos by a noted Japanese photographer of such well-designed products as Toyota's Prius, Sori Yanagi's Butterfly Stool (in New York's Museum of Modern Art), Isamu Noguchi's "lighting sculptures" fashioned after traditional lanterns, and Sweet (dessert, not "desert"-colored cell phones for teenage girls).