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1. a person exercising supreme authority, esp a monarch
2. a former British gold coin worth one pound sterling



a gold coin of Great Britain, first minted in 1489 and originally containing 15.47 g of pure gold. After Great Britain adopted the gold standard in 1816, the sovereign became the basic monetary unit, equal in weight to one pound sterling (7.32 g of pure gold). Minting of the sovereign for internal circulation was discontinued in 1917, but the coin is still for sale on the international gold market.

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In determining that some of HRS' conduct was sovereignly immune from tort liability and some was not, the Florida Supreme Court analyzed the distinction between the policymaking function of HRS versus its operational duties.
Holding a trident to show Britain's sovereignly over the seas, she roused the audience with what one reviewer proclaimed, the "climactic thrill" of the evening with her rendition of Rule, Britannia ("Progress").
It reigned sovereignly worldwide until 1983, when a few creative people from Quebec decided to take seriously the derisive attitude that the French in Europe and English-speaking people in Canada were showing towards French Canada, and reacted in kind, making everyone laugh with them.
Moll achieves Derrida's "joyous affirmation" through economic sovereignly and resolves the antagonistic relation between self and other, subject and object, and masculine and feminine by using the performative act as a means for challenging and reconstituting the traditional dialectic of identity.
This does not mean abolishing countries, or borders, or the idea that nation-states may sovereignly decide who to admit among their number.
The metaphysical implication of this is that the human collective, never a community, has to act "over against" the one God who sovereignly demands that man turn "from his own satisfaction" to the one thing necessary in itself and for its sake.
Believing that God sovereignly determined the timing of a person's passing, civilians encouraged soldiers to be prepared for death at any moment.
291) will necessarily cause "conflicts of interpretation" and argues for the necessity of juridical body comprised of Judges from the "Israeli parliament, the Jewish Agency, and Jewish religious authorities" who could then "rule sovereignly on all disputes" (p.
Sovereignly, the law haunts cities, institutions, conduct, and gestures; whatever one does .
A self-protective drink in hand, he stands on one of the Plexiglas cubes or climbs on top of a Steinway, sovereignly looking down at the bickering and carping of his lovers and married friends.
Designing Criminal Tribunals: Sovereignly and International Concerns in the Protection of Human Rights, by Steven D.
A letter signed by ambassadors of donor countries Sweden, Canada, and Finland, as well as the UN and the European Union (EU), that was sent to AN President Eduardo Gomez read in part, "The human rights of women are a principle recognized in the Constitution of the Republic of Nicaragua, as well as in the Declaration of Human Rights, the Convencion Americana sobre los Derechos Humanos, the Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women, The International Conference on Population and Development (1994), the Fourth Conference of the Woman in Beijing (1995) and their consequent ratifications in 2004 and 2005, all assumed sovereignly by Nicaragua.