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This is based on approximately 20 SPAM faxes a day at 8 cents per page for 365 days a year totals a direct saving of $584 per device.
The company has firmly stated that it has not retained such a third party and denounces any investor sending out such spam e-mails or spam faxes in an attempt to possibly increase the value of their own personal investment.
We want to ensure potential investors that these spam e-mails or spam faxes, some of them very poorly written and/or highly crude in language, are not originating from our company, and in no manner represent our company, beliefs, strategies or expectations.
Rotne continued, "Spam E-mails or Spam Faxes are sent by people that prey on inexperienced investors as a means, in most cases, of increasing the value of the spammer's own personal investment.
We denounce these spam e-mails or Spam faxes in every aspect and strongly discourage investors from using these emails as part of their investment strategies.
According to The Seattle Times, "a wave of glossy brochures and spam faxes, touting CellCyte with lofty claims, has helped propel the company's total market value to more than $440 million.
j2 Global sued The Hot Lead Company as part of its ongoing effort to prevent the sending of spam faxes to its worldwide customers.
Another great feature of the fax service is the Venali Fax Protector(TM), a patent-pending and sophisticated technology that detects and eliminates unsolicited spam faxes with close to 100% accuracy.