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With a span of 315m, the arch is the longest single span roof structure in the world.
Generation of a 4D construction simulation of the precast stadia, the long span roof trusses and the cranes helped the team to synchronize the movements of the cranes with the erection of the trusses, particularly during the final construction sequences.
The photo snapped from a tall building above the junction of Navigation and Hill streets does ample justice to the huge curves of the station roof, made of iron and glass, and reputedly the largest single-glass span roof in the world
The structures include Europe's largest single span roof - 39m high, 396m long and 175m wide.
5 billion, 80,000-seat home to the NFL's Dallas Cowboys features the world's longest single span roof, the world's largest moving roof panels, and the world's largest moving glass doors.
3850 square meters, with 8 bays on one level ground, steel structure with masonry walls, each with a span roof 2 slopes).
Fatality Location Abbreviations: BF Ball Field BO Boating BU Business CA Camping EQ Heavy Equipment/Construction GF Golfing IW In Water LS Long Span Roof MH Mobile Home OT Other OU Outside/Open Areas PH Permanent Home SC School TE Telephone UT Under Tree VE Vehicle List of Acronyms: NWS --National Weather Service NOAA --National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration WCM --Warning Coordination Meteorologist--The meteorologist at each NWS Office responsible for reporting severe weather events LST --Local Standard Time Storm Data attempts to always use "Standard Time" EST --Eastern Standard Time EDT --Eastern Daylight Time CST --Central Standard Time CDT --Central Daylight Time PST --Pacific Standard Time PDT --Pacific Daylight Time
The convention center includes four easily reconfigurable sub-halls with 40-foot ceilings and a 240-foot clear span roof.
As the longest single span roof structure in the world, each boxed arch is 35 feet wide by 17 feet deep.